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There is a time to mend. - Ecclesiastes 3:7

A Message from Kay


As a teenager I felt the call to serve the poor as my heart was filled with love and compassion to reach out and give whatever I could. This was not to be, but forty years later after marrying and raising a beautiful family my dream became a reality. By no fault of their own, many people are born into deprived circumstances.  My life and all those I love and cherish around me, plus hundreds of supporters have embraced the passion to care for the poor in Cambodia.  Thousands of lives have now been touched in so many ways by enriching and securing a safe future for those less fortunate.  We provide care for the poor, the abandoned and the marginalised with homes, education and skills development, thus giving them hope and empowering them to realise their potential.


While procuring sewing orders and providing employment for up to 30 people, with a change of in-country staff in 2015, the focus on sewing has been reduced.

Here is the current (2018) work of the charity in brief:

  • A sewing centre provides dignified employment to 8-10 people.
  • Land was purchased at Chrey Vien (in 2007), a beautiful 20 metre by 8 metre brick building was established over several years, being officially opened in 2010, and is now the venue where 120 children are educated.
  • Our Mesang agricultural project is our delight when we have the pleasure of seeing HIV widows provided for and their future is more secure.
  • Our Children's Development Centre on the outskirts of the city is a haven for 24 children from the provinces who are loved and well cared for by Cambodian carers. Their extra lessons include Music and English plus fun activities like table tennis and sewing.
  • We are passionate about supporting the elderly in remote provinces who have no other means of care and support. Sponsors enable a monthly food pack to be given to these beautiful old people.
  • Many young people have the desire for further education and provision is made for them when their results prove they deserve the privilege.


God has opened many doors for Stitches of Hope and we count it an honour to serve these people with love and trust. Never under estimate the difference you can make in a person’s life.


It’s an exciting journey with hills and valleys but mostly rewards and I give thanks and praise to my Heavenly Father.


Kay Eva


Stitches of Hope Cambodia