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There is a time to mend. - Ecclesiastes 3:7

Chairman's Report 2018


As Chairman of the Board I would like to thank each one of the members of dedicated Christians who have given tireless hours of voluntary service into empowering the lives of those less fortunate than our own. This work comes with the knowledge that we are changing lives and God knows every detail.

We have had another successful year with many achievements and the addition of Sokhoeun who brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge about her Khmer people, which is such an advantage and blessing to the rest of us. Thank you for joining us Sokhoeun and to Ron for bringing her to our meetings.


Many of our achievements are not recorded when it comes to the impact it has on the lives of students, children, widows and staff but we know from the excellent results and harmony, that hearts have been touched and lives are changing and growing.


One of major successes this year has been the production by our sewing team in Cambodia of another 500 sleeping bags which have been made for the homeless people in our own state. Many supporters and friends opened their hearts to give into this worthwhile project. The Rotary Club of Perth President Stephen Inouye was instrumental in gaining a District grant from Rotary and together with the Rotary Club of Swan Districts we were well on the way to raising the necessary funds. Numerous deliveries were made to places of such great need and many happy recipients received the love and a sleeping bag. Homeless connect distribution centres such as Passages, RUAH, Riverview, Indigenous support, Corridors and many others to country centres were happy to have the bags to distribute. We have started the 2019 program with our sewing staff to enable the consignment to arrive earlier than this year.


Honour was given to Stitches of Hope from Inner Wheel  District A40 which granted us their Charity of the Year. We received invitations from many of the clubs to give a presentation of the work of Stitches of Hope and the wide reaching effects of the win/win sleeping bag program. Donations were made from some clubs and a generous donation from the District at the end of the financial year.

On the Cambodian front our In country director Punnreay continues to lead the team well and has a good rapport with the children at the Home. We do need to continually remind him of his responsibility to report to the board and he is making every effort. His Christian morals and understanding provides him with the necessary tools to face the negative challenges.


Seyla and Srey Pov are training and teaching the children well and they are a close knit family who have learned to help and fulfill the duties of running and cleaning the home.


Most of the children have improved their academic levels at school and some are excelling.

The Education Centre at Chrey Vien has reaped the benefit of eight new computers and are now learning a first world skill. The teaching staff are wonderful and dedicated to their rolls.


Our fund raising for the year has continued to support the needs in Cambodia and stretched us all to give of our time and resources. God has honoured our efforts and all the glory goes to Him. There are many charities working and achieving great results in Cambodia and we are all competing for the charity dollar.


The Wagin Woolorama has again enabled us to raise about $13,000. This is due to the amazing team of volunteers and hospitality of our Wagin friends. Thanks go to so many who enable this to happen.


Our supporters and sponsors continual monthly pledge assures us of this amount being there each month. We have lost some supporters but we have gained some extra supporters during this year. They are such a blessing.


Mangoes from Kununarra came and went in a few days and boosted the bank account by another $637.50. We have plans for another pallet in November.

As with any project there are challenges and we have experienced some of these.


Mony in Cambodia continues to suffer with severe psoriasis and arthritis and the medical accounts for her are stretching our resources. This is an ongoing expenses and we need to seek financial help for this 38 year old lady.


The exchange rate for the Australian dollar continues to slide down as the expenses continue to rise. However God know!!

In conclusion, we as a Board can be very proud of the progress and lives changed and won for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you all for trusting me to Chair Stitches of Hope.


Thank you,

John Eva - Chairman of Stitches of Hope Board.




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