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There is a time to mend. - Ecclesiastes 3:7

Chairman's Report


It has been a wonderful year of waiting and leaning on God for His direction and will in the plans and purposes for Stitches of Hope in Cambodia. I believe we have followed His call and many people have been involved in Australia to allow this to happen and an amazing number of people have been blessed one way or another with support, education, skills training, employment, medical provision, food and assistance in Cambodia. I feel sure the Lord will be saying “Well done good and faithful servants”.


Our major fund raising events over the past twelve months have included the:


• Shed Party at Gidgegannup, which had wonderful support from over 100 people, an excellent volunteer band, an auction, several raffles and a great work team of family members, SOH team and friends. The final figure raised was over $9,000


• The annual Woolorama at Wagin proved to be another wonderful success, with thanks to our Wagin friends Wendy and Arthur Pederick and Lyn Pike for allowing the visiting Perth work team to sleep in comfort. This could never happen without the volunteers who give selflessly many hours of time to generate the income and promote Stitches of Hope to the wider community. Work included providing meals at the dining room, cleaning the exhibition pavilion, keeping the food areas clean, providing a stall for the sale of our goods and cleaning the show grounds after the rodeo on Sunday morning, then the clean up of the dining room. A profit of over $10,000 was raised.


• Our sponsorship program has continued with some new support being added to the list. We are very grateful for this regular giving into the monthly expenses.


• The adventureous project for 2016 has been the Win/Win project which saw 500 sleeping bags manufactured in Cambodia at the new sewing centre  by the Sewing team headed up by Chanthy and shipped to Fremantle to be given to the Homeless people in our own state. These bags were sponsored by West Australians at $40 per bag, which almost covered the cost of material, wages, transport and part shipping costs. Thankyou to Alex for carrying out much of the ground work and liasing with Duncan McLenan of McLintock shipping agent. A large majority of these bags have been distributed and received many accolades for the initiative in giving back into the local community. The West Austalian Rotary clubs have been very supportive in funding of this project along with Inner Wheel clubs, Riverview Church, private donations and especially country folk. Many groups have received sleeping bags in Albany, Mandurah, Northbridge, Joondalup, City and Fremantle through Passages, Homeless Connect, Ruah, and Albany Men’s Support Group. It has been an incredibly  worthwhile project for both Cambodia and West Australians.


• The invitation to present talks about the work of Stitches of Hope in Cambodia has continued to draw interest and been very worthwhile. The sale of our goods has generated much needed funds and helps to spread the message of need in Cambodia. In March of this year John and Kay took Harry Benjamin to Cambodia to photograph and film the people and projects which included the making of the sleeping bags and interviewing the women and children.


• The projects in Cambodia have continued to flow well and these include the success of several senior students with their studies, the development of the vegie garden and chickens at the Children’s Home which has trained them in skills management. The continuation of the training and sewing of the sewing team ably led by Chanthy. The incredible growth and development of eighty students at the Chrey Vien Development Centre by our three staff members. Ongoing support for the village people at both Mesang and Porsat. Medical problems of several people were given huge financial assistance to improve their lives.


• We have had the privilege of having Greg James join our team as treasurer on the  board, thankyou Greg.


• We had the sad farewell of our much loved Chanthol who became part of the family at the Children’s Home. We welcome Chanthol’s four children into the Home and pray they will feel loved and included.


There has been many positives to encourage and enrich this work for the Lord and I pray that we will gain new people and supporters in the coming years.


Thank you to each one of you Alex, Wendy, Lisa, Greg and Kay as you have all contributed to the smooth running of this charity. It has not been without it’s challenges but the end result is always in His hands and works for the best.


Thank you,

John Eva - Chairman of Stitches of Hope Board.


STITCHES OF HOPE INC  AGM  13th October 2016