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You will not die but be a blessing to the nations.

- Psalm 27:10

Impact, Stories & Testimonies




STORY 1: Win-Win Project 2016


We have something exciting to talk about!

Earlier in the year some friends of Stitches of Hope birthed an idea which would benefit under privileged women and girls in Cambodia and the countless numbers of homeless people in Western Australia.

Shipping company McClintock International Shipping offered to cover freight costs. The process of training the Cambodian staff, purchasing the requirements to make the sleeping bags and the awesome task of processing the Cambodian Government’s customs paperwork took several months to complete.

The staff have achieved excellent results in completing 500 sleeping bags in an array of fabrics which are an awesome gift to the many people both young and old who are “doing life” extremely tough, mostly through no fault of their own. People who have been made redundant from their place of employment, failed businesses, family dysfunction, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse and for many other reasons many Australians are without a home to live in.

Distribution of the sleeping bags has been an exciting venture and with rewarding results. The appreciation shown by those without the warmth and comfort of a bed at night has been worth the tremendous amount of effort. A huge thankyou to the West Australian supporters, who include several Rotary clubs, Inner Wheel Clubs and many private donations, who donated $40 per sleeping bags to enable this project to achieve its goal.

Hundreds of bags have now been delivered to various places who work to provide support to the homeless people. Some of these include Riverview Church, Passages in Mandurah, RUAH in Northbridge, Men’s Community Support in Albany, Northreach Church Homeless Connect, Passages in Northbridge and a Homeless need in Fremantle, plus several other requests for sleeping bags for the desperately needy.

Stitches of Hope would love to continue this program and would seek your support in enabling this to happen.


Kay Eva, October 2016




During our visit (November 2011) we had the thrill of treating the children, sewing teams and the widows and their children (54 in all) to a fun night at the Adventure Park and meal at Super Grill. It was an exciting event and one they will never forget. What pleasure it gave us to bless them. “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.




During January 2011 we had a university educator, Marika and her school teacher son  Patrick volunteer their time to give into the women and children's lives at Chrey Vien. They taught practical lessons in dental hygiene and general cleanliness to the village people in  fun and memorable ways. Lessons on cleaning their water filters and safe storage for food gave the women skills they had not known. Music was popular with the children as Patrick taught them new songs, followed up with ball games and sports.


As some of the young ladies living at Sewing Centre 1 received the same opportunity to improve their hygiene skills and were taught about the importance of looking after their teeth.


Putting the Fun into Fund-raising


Cup Cakes for Cambodia (Nov 2013)


The 70 children at Chrey Vien go to the Development Centre school wearing school uniforms thanks to creative talents of a Wagin school teacher.  Kind-hearted Narrelle Parker told her lower primary children of the needs of these children.  With the assistance of parents they held a "Cup-Cakes-For-Cambodia" day, selling cupcakes that the parents made at recess and lunch time at school.  From the amount that was raised, there were sufficient funds to provide every child with a school uniform.


Girl Power  (Sept 2011)


Most eight year old girls like to celebrate their birthday with a fairy-themed party or maybe a sleepover, but Cheyanne Arnott instead took the opportunity to help the less fortunate.


Cheyanne invited 12 of her school friends to a fundraising birthday party in the Swan Christian School Home Economics room on 1st September 2011.  The birthday girl encouraged guests to make a monetary donation to help Cambodian orphans instead of bringing presents. The donations were passed on to Stitches of Hope, a charity set up by her grandmother, Kay Eva.


Cheyanne picked a Master Chef theme for the party. “I cooked cupcakes and pigs in blankets and pizza,” she said. “I like to cook and sometimes watch Master Chef on television.”


Cheyanne’s father Brett said how the charity has grown over the years. “Kay has visited Cambodia twice a year from around 2005,” he said. “They aim to build a Children's Home in the future and help businesses.”