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There is a time to mend. - Ecclesiastes 3:7

Seyla - Projects Manager


Punnreay’s bride, Seyla comes to Stitches of Hope from a career in business.  She is sweet, capable and dedicated.  Her attention to detail and her compassion, express her heart’s desire to serve the organisation well. Seyla has a Bachelor of Science (Agro Industry), Oct 2010.  Seyla is a music leader in her local Christian church. Seyla is a modern multi-tasking woman.  As well as being a mum, she manages the sewing centre, cares for the children in the SOH home and compassionately nurtures people.

Srey Pov


Tender-hearted and kind, Srey Pov has a degree in economics and manages financial aspects of the Children’s home, where she is chief carer for the girls and purchase officer.  Competent in English and mathematics, she tutors the children in these subjects, as well as ensuring they learn Cambodian culture (cooking, traditional crafts, singing and dancing).  God has her heart and she loves to worship Him, enabling other to do so too.

In-Country Staff

Punnreay Soleung - Director


Punnreay is a lovely, compassionate man with a gentleness that comes from his sincere faith in Jesus Christ.  He has an agricultural degree and is perfectly suited to overseeing the diverse projects that Stitches of Hope manages within Cambodia.  He commenced work for the organisation in 2011 and has proved most valuable and responsible. Punnreay has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine), Nov 2007 - and works part-time for the Cambodian government in this capacity.  He also has experience in raising chickens and pigs as this was the subject of his thesis.