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There is a time to mend. - Ecclesiastes 3:7

Seyla - Administration


Punnreay’s bride, Seyla comes to Stitches of Hope from a career in business.  She is sweet, capable and dedicated.  Her attention to detail and her compassion, express her heart’s desire to serve the organisation well. Seyla has a Bachelor of Science (Agro Industry), Oct 2010.  Seyla is a music leader in her local Christian church.

In-Country Staff

Punnreay Soleung - Director


Punnreay is a lovely, compassionate man with a gentleness that comes from his sincere faith in Jesus Christ.  He has an agricultural degree and is perfectly suited to overseeing the diverse projects that Stitches of Hope manages within Cambodia.  He commenced work for the organisation in 2011 and has proved most valuable and responsible. Punnreay has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine), Nov 2007 - and has worked for the Cambodian government in this capacity.  He also has experience in raising chickens and pigs as this was the subject of his thesis.

Chanthy Thoen - Assistant Director


Chanthy is a qualified dress maker and trains women in that field. She has a strong desire to help and support women and children who live in poverty in Cambodia. She and husband Narith have two young sons and a little girl. Chanthy is dedicated to help the poor women and girls in her country. She is energetic and enthusiastic about training the skill of sewing and tailoring to empower and improve their lives and the lives of the children. Chanthy is a dedicated Christian and her desire is to promote wholeness, confidence and healing to the women in her care.  She is a working mum with three young children of her own.